You're driving down the road and your smart watch needs charged, what do you do?
Sometimes the smart watch needs charged, sometimes you just get tired of wearing it.
Smart watches offer an optimized interface which is great for driving.
However, just like operating a smart phone, it is unsafe to operate a smart watch while driving without having it on a mount which  
keeps both hands free to drive.  Watchit! 3D is a first to market product and is in patent pending status.
Its integral spring-loaded mechanism quickly and easily clamps the watch bands to the mount allowing the smart watch to be
operated as if it's on one's wrist.  There's no need to connect the watch band, just pinch and go!
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Watchit! 3D
Watchit! 3D
Spec Sheet
Spec Sheet
Spec Sheet
Spec Sheet
Arkon Compatible
Watchit! 3D Key Features
> Works with any smart watch that has wrist bands and that has the charging connector on   
 either side or on the back of the device.
> Compatible with selected Arkon vehicle mounts.
> Apple Watch charging connector adapter available.
> Left handed or right handed orientation.
> Securely holds smart watch so that it may be operated while driving.
> Original, first to market product.
> Now Available at Shapeways!
Watchit! 3D Design
Watchit! 3D is produced using Shapeway’s laser sintered 3D printing process.  
Early prototypes were created using an ABS wire fed Stratasys 3D printer.
The Shapeways process results in a higher precision and less rigid outcome.
The weights of the two variations are the same.
The tolerance’s used between moving parts are on the edge of Shapeway’s permissible values.
No fusing of separate parts has been experienced.
The Strong & Flexible material from Shapeways is exactly what it says.
The Watchit! 3D product is rigid where it’s designed to be rigid and flexible where it’s designed to be flexible.  
The main bracket design is very rigid while the wrist band clamps flex in a desirable way.

The most important part of Watchit! 3D is the 3D printed spring.
The dual coil design maximizes the clamping pressure of the wrist band clamps which securely hold the smart watch in place.
Early ABS printed springs had the correct strength but tended to be brittle when extended.
Early Shapeways printed springs were not brittle but were not as strong.
Improvements made during the Watchit! 3D v3.2 revision resolved the strength issues.
The spring is printed separately and is slightly shorter than the fittings; once installed,
the play in the device that is required during the 3D print is eliminated.
Strong & Flexible plastics are heatproof to 80℃ / 176℉ degrees.
That said, 3D printing is an emerging technology.  
To ensure that Watchit! 3D has a long product life, the spring has been made to be replaceable.
A replacement spring can be ordered from Shapeways.
Additional spring designs using other Shapeways materials are currently in development.

UPDATE: The spring improvements made for v3.2 resulted in a much stronger spring than anticipated.  As a result, the spring seats
have been strengthened with more material.  The final v3.3 with this improvement is now available to be purchased at Shapeways.

Watchit! 3D is a “head unit” and does not function by itself.
Two approaches have been taken to make the product an out-of-the-box solution.

The first option to mount Watchit! 3D in a vehicle is the AV-1 Air Vent Adapter design by Vinzant and is available at Shapeways.
The AV-1 has circular seats that match the mounting seats on Watchit! 3D
The main assembly is adjusted to the correct viewing angle; the collar slides and clips over the seats making the two devices secure.
The AV-1 is then inserted in various ways into the vehicle air vent fins.

The second option utilizes low cost vehicle mounts manufactured by Arkon Resources, Inc.
One of Akron’s device attachment designs has a rotational fitting that is attached with a screw and wing nut.
The fitting is removed and Watchit! 3D is attached in the same way.

Attaching Watchit! 3D to a variety of Arkon’s vehicle mounts functions as desired.
The following Arkon products work with Watchit! 3D:

-GN042 8.5” Flexible Windshield Car Mount
-GN033-G Flexible Gooseneck Cup Holder Car Mount
-GN083 Non-Powered Lighter Socket Car Mount
-GN097-USB Powered USB Lighter Socket Car Mount
-GN097 Lighter Socket Car Mount
-CM088-G17 15” Seat Rail or Floor Car Mount

Several relevant Arkon accessories are:
-SPD001 Round Contour Forming Removable Sticky Dash Pad
-SPD002 Arrow-Shaped Contour Forming Removable Sticky Dash Pad
Watchit! 3D Story
The evolution of Watchit! 3D began with an unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign for a product called Watchit! launched in January 2015.
After the campaign launched, an experiment occurred where the Watchit! head unit was attached to an automobile smart phone goose
neck suction cup windshield mount.
The modification seemed to have good potential as a viable consumer product.  The main problem was that the Watchit! design was
made of finished wood and metal fasteners. The product would have to be made of plastic. Presumably the individual parts would be
manufactured by an injection mold process in an Asian country and assembled with Asian labor.
The traditional approach described above results in a mass produced, low cost product. The down side is that there are considerable
set up costs and a lengthy development cycle that can take many months if not years to complete.
Enter 3D printing. Many UPS stores now have 3D printers, specifically they have Stratasys uPrint SE Plus 3D printers. This is an ABS wire
fed printer with a heated bay. After taking a trip to the local UPS store it was realized that the Watchit! 3D parts could be prototyped
Within a short time, the prototype parts were created and the device was assembled using a manufactured spring and fastening
screws. Now what? Having no Asian contacts, the development stalled.
At this point the question was asked, “Why can't the entire device be created in one 3D print session?  If this were to be possible then
no separate hardware would be needed and most importantly, no assembly labor would be required.
With the potential of a successful consumer product renewed, the next phase of prototyping began. After many revisions and trips to
the UPS store, Watchit! 3D was born.
Enter Shapeways. Having a promising 3D printed design is only half the battle. Opening a shop at Shapeways solves the other half.
Their streamlined process, quality 3D printing and customer fulfillment make it possible to offer the public Watchit! 3D now, as in today.
The final outcome of the Watchit! 3D design produced by Shapeways has far exceeded the designer's expectations. The product is
strong were it needs to be strong and flexible where it needs to be flexible.
A tremendous shout out goes to Rich Knighton of
RLK Designs and Tre' Morton owner of UPS Store #2289 without whom this most
excellent product would not have been possible.
I hope that you enjoy using Watchit! 3D as much as I have enjoyed creating it.

Chris Vinzant Woolpert
Watchit! 3D Price
When it comes to 3D printing, the amount of material used and the amount of the 3D printer's print space used dictates the cost.  
Whether one buys one or many, the price is the same.
The Watchit! 3D design requires 68 grams (2.4 oz.) of material and 134 cubic centimeters of machine utilization to produce.
The spring is installed after production by the user and is located as close as possible to the main assembly to minimize print capacity.
If the price seems too high then feel free to wait 6-12 months for an inexpensive version produced overseas.
The Watchit! 3D design uses as much material as is required to provide the solution, the size of the device was actually increased from
version 2 to version 3 to ensure that the larger 42mm cases fit well.
Watchit! 3D Dual Coil Spring
Arkon GN042
Spec Sheet
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Watchit! 3D v3.3
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